STS Creates Viable Career Opportunities for Engineers

STS AeroStaff Services has been operating within the aviation staffing industry for 30 years, and that means we have the knowledge, experience and resources our clients require when it comes to hiring, and managing, the best aerospace engineering contractors in the country.  As for what separates us from the competition? That’s simple…

In addition to caring about each and every person under our employ, we offer engineering contractors some pretty amazing benefits. For example, each Engineer we both hire and manage enjoys generous holiday and vacation pay, competitive family medical and dental insurance, long-term and short-term disability benefits, and more. We offer wage advances if help is needed and signing bonuses to those who qualify. We provide opportunities for advancement, new contracts when old ones expire, and our teams are always trying to find you the next great career opportunity. In short, we work hard to ensure that our people are taken care of and that they understand how much we value and appreciate their commitment and dedication.

We do these things not because we are told to, but because it’s the right thing to do. This mentality has become an everyday mantra of sorts, and it is part of the reason we spend so much time seeking out, and training, exceptional Recruiters; people who take pride in putting other people to work. Every Recruiter and Recruiting Coordinator on our team is willing to go above and beyond to help candidates. They treat each of them like human beings, and they care about their professional wants, desires and needs.

Other aerospace staffing agencies won’t follow up with a candidate once they’ve been submitted for a position, and if they do, it tends to happen only if that candidate has been approved. At STS, we take the time to follow up even if the client has expressed that they aren’t interested in a candidate, and we do this because we care. No one wants to apply for a job only to be left hanging, and that’s why we will always call you back! In addition, we will never stop pushing our clients for feedback, so even if a candidate gets rejected for a particular role, we’ll share with them some valuable insight so they can learn and grow in both a professional and personal capacity.

So, what makes STS different? Again, that’s simple. We care; not only about the clients we serve but also about the people we depend on to help those clients stay profitable and stay flying!